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Kanmula ®

1- A good medicine for ears in the world prepared by ZarI - Booties, if the medicine is used one or two drops dailly or on alternate days, your ear will have no disease till the old age .

2- Flow of Ear : After cleaning the ear with cotton , two drops of medicine should be used four time a day.

3- After cure it used two times for some days.

4-If the ear starts flowing again then the medicine should be used four times daily for a long period permanently .



5 - Ear- ace , Swelling , Wound , Boil , Etching, Heaviness and Whistling etc. The medicine curte all these diseases, if you use the medicine 3-4 times daily .For deafness sock the cotton in the medicine . Kanmula is prepared by distillation.

6 - If you will use the medicine ragularly you will get relief chronic disease earlier.


Instruction to use

Use medicine two to three times daily on affected & infected area for complete cure.

After using the medicine please write a lettar to us regarding the medicine and your disease.

Available Pack

24 ml

10 ml