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Nayan Jyoti ®

Old Name (Puna Joot)

Eyes are amongst one of the beautiful gift given by God to mankind. In present world due to so much pollution, hectic living style and other factor lead to many eye problems which if not treated properly and on time may give birth to serious eye problems. Eyes are very sensitve and if any worng medicine taken may increse the further loos to eyes, so it is very necessary to treat eyes with Ayurvedic medicine as they are herbal in nature having no side effects.Nayan Jyoti( old name Puna Jyoti) is the best medicine known for curing various eye disorders. It is Good Medicine For Eyes prepared as told by Rawana with the combination of Punarnawa .

1. Our traditional presentation Nayan Jyoti is prepared from punarnava and other precious herbs for complete eye care

2. To get rid of spectacles and keep your eyes healthy throughout whole life apply Nayan Jyoti 4 times a day

3. For chronic diseases like JALA, MADA, NIGHT BLINDNESS, SAMBALBAI, MOTIA BINDU, use 4 to 5 times a day.

4. For acute diseases like Conjunctivitis, Lachrymation, Redness and Burning use 4 to 6 times a day.

5. After applying 2 Drops in both eyes keep your eyes closed for 2 minutes.


After using the medicine please write a lettar to us regarding the medicine and your disease. NAYAN JYOTI is prepared by distillation, hence it never gets out dated but it gains more strength . As it gets older crystals form in medicine and it changes it's color

Nayan Jyoti